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About our platform


Green Hero is a crowdfunding platform for environmental projects. Our goal is to help green technology projects around the world to stop global warming and help local communities get jobs, sustainable investment and leave a better world for our children. No single person can solely stop human caused global warming and the adverse effects of climate change. We don’t have Superman on Earth. We know that if we join our efforts, together we become the Green Hero and only our collective actions can make the change we need. Have a look at our FAQs for project developers and project supporters.



We value absolute transparency. We collect 8% on every transaction that goes via our platform. That way, most of the supporter's donation goes directly to the projects to achieve our goal. For their donations, supporters also receive points, which help them go up in our contest, both individually and as a country.
Imagine a game. The main difference is that your actions in this game lead to real world, visible change, help other people and save the planet.
About us
We are a group of people who deeply care about our environment and improving human lives. We have watched for a long time the global "efforts" to stop global warming and we have witnessed the massive inefficiency, bureaucracy and slowness of the process. We decided to do something about that and you're looking at the result. Thank you for joining us.
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